How to Quit Your Day Job to Become a Full-Time Photographer and Make it Work

How to Quit Your Day Job to Become a Full-Time Photographer and Make it Work By  Ted Mercede Instagram @ted_mercede Seems like this is always a hot topic, everyone thinks about quitting their day-gig to become the glorious full-time photographer to make the large money and to do what you enjoy doing. Of course, you …

Modern Blush

Fashion Editorial Modern Blush – captured by Canadain photographer Jennifer George Photography for Flawless Magazine. Hair and Makeup Artist: Robyn Lynn Makeup Artistry, Designer: Beth Anne Couture and Model: Rayna Pennycook .

Desert Storm

Fashion Editorial Desert Storm – captured by Los Angeles photographer Thomas Louvagny for Flawless Magazine. Styling courtesy of fashion stylist Veronique Droulez   and Oretta Corbelli. Hairstyling by Vladimir Simic and makeup by  Makeup artist Mina Abramovic.

Fashion, a mid-western’ish journey

Fashion Editorial Fashion, a mid-western’ish journey – captured by Moline, IL fashion photographer Joshua Berardi Photography for Flawless Magazine. Model: Michelle White, Model:Beneath Daymoon, Model: April Berry, Model:Stephanie Smith and MUA: Candee King

Beauty and Romance

Fashion Editorial Beauty and Romance – captured by fashion photographer  Luca Storelli for Flawless Magazine.  Art Director: Marco Ciriaci, Models: Conny Notarstefano (Miss World Italy 2017), Elisa Muriale, Erica De Matteis, Angelica Persichini. Hairstyle: Elisa Rapisarda for Giorgio Nardi Hairstylist, Cristian Calestru. Make Up Artists: Arianna Di Bernardo, Pablo Gil Cagnè Dress: Debora T, Paola Nobili.


Fashion Editorial Jealousy – captured by fashion photographer Remi Dabrowski Photography for Flawless Magazine. Makeup/Hair: Magdalena Graff. Model: Kamil Lemieszewski and Model: Monika Felsz.  

Downtown LA

Fashion Editorial Downtown LA – captured by Los Angeles fashion photographer Richard Hume Photography for Flawless Magazine. Styling courtesy of fashion stylist Angelique Fortuna Wilhelmina NY/ LA.  Makeup/Hair: Jetty Stutzman at AIM Artists LA for Beautycounter.  Model: Kamini Chinloy Elite NY/Miami and Video: Kyle Mckenzie Films