In Issue 14, we chatted to Danish blogger Stine Mo about the success of her fashion blog ‘Stine Mo’ as well as the challenges she faces.

(by Carlotta Buosi)


Tell me something about yourself. When did you become a blogger ?

My name is Stine, I am twenty one and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am a fashion blogger. I became a blogger when I joined the blogging community that I currently with. We are an exclusive little group, and are well known to influential people and the press, as we have a good brand. So, we just get invited to all their events. Being in a big group of talented bloggers is a good way to get noticed. I am lucky that I am among twenty or thirty bloggers here in Denmark who always get invited to the same events. Even though it’s a bit weird getting invited to these things, I think its fun too. It is also a great opportunity to collaborate with brands, and is a very unique experience to meet people who are quite influential. I really appreciate that and know there are a lot of young bloggers who would love to have that opportunity.

Is it true that at present, it is quite a common phenomenon for Scandinavian Bloggers to make a successful career just from blogging?

I personally don’t earn enough money from my blog to sustain a living from it. I know quite a few bloggers in Denmark who could do so successfully if they chose to, it’s a small country with few well known bloggers, so those who have madea name, make a lot of money. it’s a similar situation in Norway and Sweden.

What do you consider the best opportunity you have had as a direct result of your blog?

I would say, meeting my friend Sarah from Framboise Fashion. That was a few years ago, when my blog had a relatively small audience. I was invited to an important event for a Danish magazine, and there were a lot of influential people there; editors, models, and stylists. I was with another blogger friend of mine and we were feeling very awkward, then we noticed a girl who was much like us but more social. She sat beside us and we got talking. A few days later I met up with her and we hung out a few times after that. She is now one of my best friends, and has helped me so much with my blog, as she is an amazing photographer. I am so thankful that I met her, as she is an amazing person. I don’t think that would have happened if I hadn’t had a blog.

Do you collaborate with other bloggers? Do you see yourself blogging for a long time or is it something which has an expiry date?

I only ever collaborate with friends, and haven’t ever considered doing it with anyone who isn’t. I don’t really see the point of having another blogger doing things on my blog. I cant really say how long I will be blogging for but I will continue to do so as long as I am interested and don’t feel obliged to do it. I would see myself continuing for a few more years, unless I get busy with other projects. I do hope that I will be doing it for a long time though as its really fun and it opens a lot of doors, especially if you live in a small country like Denmark.