Kristopher Trevino Founder, Owner and Designer
Nichola Kouzes Co Owner and Designer
Phoenix Taylor Photographer and Video

Redoux Couture is a very unique luxury brand based in Dallas, TX and provides an eclectic showcase of one-off pieces of furniture combining the decadent with the nostalgic and urban. According to the owners and designers, Kristopher Trevino and Nichola Kouzes, “We take a very different approach to what furniture should be. Each one of our custom pieces makes a statement and will definitely get your attention.”

One superb thing about owning a Redoux Couture piece is that Redoux does NOT make identical pieces. Everything they do is original, a one off, stated Kris Trevino. This is amazing because everything is exclusive and designed catered to you and your personality with their twist. “We like the idea of taking something old being the Baroque, Rococo era of furniture and making it new. There is a really fun poetic sense to what we do.”

“We’re taking the concept of household Interior Decorating to a whole new level making it artfully eclectic and a design vision that’ll be sure to fall down the rabbit hole of Wonder Land.”