Laser hair removal Syracuse NY

Laser Hair Removal Syracuse NY: What To Know Before Getting The Procedure

Hair growth is natural in certain parts of the body. Regardless of the lifestyle you have today, expect that you’ll have hair in your bikini area, lip, chin, and underarms. And while some people have fully embraced hair growth in these areas, others detest it and would want to have it removed as soon as possible. If you’re one of the latter, you might be considering having a laser hair removal procedure. This procedure might cost money from your pocket, but it can get rid of all your wanted hair permanently.

A laser hair removal procedure is available in any part of the globe. Regardless if you’re living in a small area or a big city like Syracuse, New York, you’ll surely find a clinic that offers this service. To ensure that your upcoming hair laser removal procedure will go as smoothly as possible, take note of the following information first:

1.         The procedure might sound painful, but actually, it’s not.

Most people would think that any procedure involving laser is painful, and that in order for the procedure to work fast, they have to experience a certain level of pain. If you’re planning on getting a laser hair removal procedure from a reputable clinic such as, expect that you don’t have to experience any of this. This procedure works by sending laser through the pigment of the hair. As a result, the hair follicles and hair bulb in your body are damaged. This might sound painful, but because of the cooling mechanism of the laser, you won’t experience any pain.

2.         This procedure has more than one benefit.

The most obvious reason why you’re getting a laser hair removal is that you want to permanently get rid of hair in certain parts of your body. However, this isn’t the only benefit you’ll get from the procedure. A laser hair removal can also help you achieve clearer and smoother skin, reduce growing hair, and minimize irritation on the skin. Because of these, you can easily blend makeup on your skin and look more flawless!

3.         It’s actually a very fast process.

Contrary to popular belief, a laser hair removal procedure will not require any complicated gizmos and time-consuming processes. In fact, this procedure will roughly take about twenty minutes per session, which includes the time you spend consulting with the doctor. You might also spend more time removing your makeup before your session starts.

4.         You can’t do any workout or go to the gym after your session.

Many people are very conscious about their health. No matter how preoccupied they are during the day, they would want to make sure that they still have the time and energy to hit the gym. If you’re one of them, you’ll need to skip a few workouts after getting your laser hair removal procedure. The heat from the laser will actually stay in your skin for at least 24 hours, and if you sweat too much during this time frame, bacteria might grow and spread. This can result in dark and uneven spots on your skin.

5.         You need to be careful about the sun.

Your dermatologist will provide you a list of dos and don’ts before the laser hair removal procedure. Usually, they will advise you to avoid sun exposure before and after your sessions. Also, the procedure will have to wait if you currently have a tan. But you don’t have to worry since dermatologists will check your calendar for any upcoming holidays to ensure that your sessions will go smoothly and according to plan.

6.         Patience is important.

A laser hair removal procedure isn’t magic. Once you’re done with the procedure, don’t expect all of your unwanted hair to instantly disappear. This is the reason why patience is important throughout the entire procedure. When getting this procedure, keep in mind that you will need at least three weeks to see the results of your first treatment and another eight weeks to enjoy the full result. This timeline will vary depending on how your body responds to the procedure and the amount of hair you’d want to be removed.

Preparation Is Key

Because of the advent of technology, a laser hair removal procedure can be cheap and painless. But if you want to make the most out of it, you should know what you should and shouldn’t do before your first session. This information can help you properly prepare and make sure that this procedure will meet your expectations.