Jade Weber Interview

jade weber

Meet internet sensation Jade Weber. Child model and dancer who was featured in the Hayden Summerall cover music video of The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face.” She has a strong following on Instagram of more than 310,000.

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 12 years old and I’m French but I was born in China and I live in the US.

jade weber

 How did you start modeling, talk us through the process from start to finish?

It’s quite an interesting story actually… My brothers needed headshots for an audition and so we went to a photographer to take a headshots of them!  The photographer thought I should become a model, so she sent a picture to her sister and it turns out her sister was the director of an agency . We never really thought of me becoming a model because I was young but we decided to give it a try!

What was your first big break in the industry?

I didn’t really have a break since I started 2 years ago but there some seasons where jobs start decreasing which therefore slows down the process. But if not I have worked non stop . Now we are more selective On what i do , so it gives a balance for my student life too.

jade weber

What has been your favorite job so far?

I really love most of the jobs I’ve done, with the people I met. So it Is hard to say, we are having some big dilemmas here. 🙂 . I am very thankful for that !

What is your dream modeling job?

My dream modeling job would be to work for Dior, or Chanel!  I dream to go to my country and work in Paris . I am French and that would mean a lot to me .

jade weber

How do you deal with all the traveling required to be a model?

For modeling jobs I mostly go to LA, but I have traveled to places like New Yor, NY state , San Francisco , Nevada … . I go to a public school so sometimes it could get a bit tricky, but I normally leave early from school, get homework for that day or if I’m traveling I would most likely get the lessons that the class was going to learn, and the homework for an extra day. Then I would go do the job, and in the plane or car I would do my homework and then come back home and go back to school the next day! It might seem very tricky but I get used to it.

jade weber

When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?

I like playing basketball outside with my friends. I also like reading and watching tv. I like the Harry Potter series the MOST!! And I watch varieties of shows on Fridays or sometimes when I have extra time. I started self defense and that is really fun . I adore listening to music, and doing karaoke but It is very personal to me.

You have a strong following on Instagram of more than 315,000; do you feel that has helped when it comes to working with brands?

With 315k followers, I know I am  an influencer. Yes definitely , I guess this matter for certain brands to select models and get some exposure. But I won’t say that it is always the case. There is a lot of judgement in this industry and I know it becomes worse when you become more of an adult, such as size, age, and looks. I don’t know but I wish diversity will be more and more accepted . I wish my fan love my work and me more than the size of my hips or my legs… and i am glad to see there is some Brands who see that !!

jade weber

How have you used instagram to gain followers, market yourself and work with brands?

I don’t know Why i always get this question lol , and the answer might be disappointing but we don’t have any techniques or anything to hide. We just show my work and people see it. The account is purely professional by showing my work and some sides of my personality. .

If you weren’t a model, what would you want to do?

I do acting classes which are really fun. I do LOVE acting !! Soon  I would also start doing speech & debate. Since I’m going to Middle School next year there is actually an elective for that which I might do, and there is also one for video and filming. I like debating, and I want to become an actress or a lawyer when I grow up.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

I LOVE the Hawaiian Islands, and France, when i go to visit all my family there . I was very young when I visited Paris but the pictures I can see on internet just make me dream to spend few days there … we might go to France this summer to see my Grand Parents  !! I am very excited .


jade weber

What advice do you have for other kids your age that want to be a model?

I would say to stay humble, be true to yourself and yes there is going to be hate , jealousy and that comes in the package of being a model sometimes but there is so much more love to get from it . If it is what you love so give it a try .