[ISSUE 14] An Interview with Emily Soto


By Carlotta Buosi


Based in Southern California, Emily Soto is already making an impression as an international fashion, celebrity and lifestyle photographer.   Her work can be seen on the covers of countless magazines all over the world. Having received a ‘best of photography’ award from Sigma, and with a multi country tour under her belt, it is safe to say that Emily Soto’s whimsical, dream- like style of photography coupled with her passion to do what ‘just comes naturally’ is already earning her a reputation with fashion editors, top model agencies and her tens of thousands of followers on Facebook.    

How would you describe your first and last project and how do you perceive your photography to have evolved?

Of course I have learned so much since my first project, my first shoot was more about   learning lighting and how to work with models.  I have much more experience now and know what I am looking for.  I am always challenging myself and trying out new techniques so my photography has evolved and continues to do so.

Emily Soto

What are the things that inspire you and how much are you influenced by the environment around   you when shooting?

I love everything involving fashion, window shopping, and the city of Paris, Fashion TV, magazines and much more. I find Fashion a wonderful   source of inspiration and   constantly get new ideas just by going onto fashion websites or walking around the streets of New York City.  A shoot can of course be greatly influenced by environment, but I have learned how to create beautiful shoots with the simplest of environments.

What is your ultimate goal when shooting: do you aim to communicate something particular with your images?

I love the romantic style, beauty with a slight feel of a painted image.


Which are your favorite pieces of equipment? Which is the thing you simply cannot work without?

The Canon 5d Mark III