How to NOT be a Starving Artist

Why are talented artists often the starving artist? The Simple and straight answer is because they don’t believe in themselves! They don’t believe that their artwork should be profitable. Artists need to change their perception of money, money is not evil, money is good and lots of money is even better. Think of the times when you found comfort in blaming lack of funds, or the myriad of other excuses used to placate yourself for not creating work or devoting more time to your skills, now think of what you could create if you had access to bigger budget.

Money is just a piece of paper a medium of exchange, if you’re a good person you can do a lot of good with money and if you’re evil same principles applies. I think you know where I’m going with this. So, to all the great artists, you need to re evaluate your self belief and self worth. I am sick and tired of seeing amazing talented people undermining themselves due to lack of confidence. Often prioritizing other work and making their passion a hobby. Why not monetize your shit, the real shit you love to do. Too many artists create awesome work but only to keep it to themselves. Too many creatives, (me included) use the left side of our brain and don’t want to think how we can best utilize this. Whether a photographer, painter, designer etc. They are creating this artwork that’s coming from a place of emotion. Your art is a CONTRIBUTION to society. It brings happiness, it solves problems, and it makes the world a better place.

Every artist needs to change their thinking. Any of the great artists that we aspire to, are where they are because they believe in themselves. You have to believe in yourself to get ahead. If there so many artists out there with mediocre work monetizing their work, why can’t you with great artwork make a living from your true inner calling. Making your passion your focus not your side line. So believe in yourself! If you are surrounded by negativity or dream killer s, move away fast from such people. “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” ― Mark Twain Have faith in yourself and monetize your passion. Money is not a bad thing it’s actually a good thing, think of what more you can contribute to the world if you have the kind of budget that allows you to create unlimited artwork. Like 50 cent said “Get rich or die trying.” Study those people that are making a living in your field of interest and see what and how they’re doing it then optimize to suit you. A great example is Andy Warhol, he made it happen. Take the things that you’re so passionate about and make it into something that will sustain and your family. Who wants to spend 80% of their lifetime on something they hate but continues doing so because they need the money. You might make money in the short run, but you will be unhappy and wonder why and the answer is simply because you never followed your true inner calling. So live life! Embrace the time that you have and find ways you can make money from what you love. It might not be the conventional way. Experiment and try something different, see what works and doesn’t work.

Once you start studying the people you admire and where they are, start imitating it. Tony Robbins said “Long ago, I realized that success leaves clues, and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results. I believed that if I precisely duplicated the actions of others, I could reproduce the same quality of results that they had.” Stop hoarding all your artwork and start sharing and selling it, selling is how you make a living in life. Whether be you’re selling time for money or selling a service or good. It’s how we all make money. The reason you’re starving is because you’re not selling anything. Sell, sell, sell find friends, acquaintances and families and neighbors see if you can offer them a service. Here’s just one way to make money maybe you can do the same in your city. Success leaves clues. Here’s a video of the interview with elite daily. Brooklyn-based photographer Max Schwartz’s Tinder Headshots service promises to take you a dynamite profile shot and more successful matches — for a price, of course. There are neither free lunches nor free profile pics in this world, after all, Elite Daily recently found an ad Schwartz had placed on Craigslist (which, alas, has since expired) and decided to check the service out. A professional photographer, Schwartz got the idea for Tinder Headshots after a photo he snapped of a colleague ended up getting a whole lot of positive attention on social media. Right now, Schwartz is keeping the focus solely on Tinder — which isn’t to say that you couldn’t use the photos on, say, OKCupidPlenty offish, or any other online dating site or app… but the goal is to help customers specifically get more swipe-rights, so adjust your expectations accordingly. $75 will get you one professionally shot and retouched photo, while $150 will get you three. I leave you with this quote by Anthony Robinson. .

“If I’m committed, there is always a way.” “If we can (generate) the right emotion inside of us, we can get ourselves to do anything. If you don’t have the money, but you’re creative and determined enough, you’ll find the way.”