“How to Find Models for Your Photo Shoot”

How to Find Models for Your Photo Shoot


You have a vision for your next photo shoot. Now is the time to find the perfect model to execute that vision. Casting models can be exciting- you get to meet new models and see what they can offer. Each model can lead to a different look and unique experience. What makes it even better is when you find a great model who enhances your vision creating something amazing. And, each shoot is a venue for exploration, learning and improving. So, keep in mind it won’t always be exactly what you envisioned, but maybe even better.

Before casting, know what you are looking for in a model. This will help narrow down your search. A model should have the right looks for the photoshoot. As a photographer, look for somebody who projects well on camera. This is your vision so make the best of it.

Search for a confident model. It is easier to work with a model who is comfortable with herself/himself and not afraid to work with different photographers. You’ll notice this in the way a model carries themselves. The way someone walks, talks and projects themselves can tell a lot about confidence. Your model should also have an idea of how to actually model. For example, what poses, facial expressions and projections to use. Talking to your potential model(s) can help before making a decision.

Now that you have more of an idea of what you want, it is time to find the ideal model for your shoot. There are plenty of ways to go about this. You can speak to other models you have worked with or photographers to get their recommendations on someone specific, look on social media or websites like Model Mahem, Kavyar . Model Mayhem and Kavyar have model’s portfolios and contact information right there so you can get an idea if they might be what you invasion for the photoshoot. You can even go through an agency if you wanted to. It’s all about what you want and you are willing to do to find the ideal model.

When looking at a model’s portfolio make sure the photos are up-to-date. If it is, you know they are continuing their work and the photos reflect them accurately. Keep an eye out for variety. A model who knows what he/she is doing will have different looks in their facial expressions, outfits, poses, etc. Also, look to see if they have worked with other photographers. That is how you can tell they have experience. It says a lot when there are multiple photographers they have worked with. Typically, that means they are easy to work with and know what they are doing.  It is also a good sign that they take what they do seriously. Another good sign is when a model is agency-represented. This means the model considers their modeling to be a profession. They are more likely to be more reliable and committed. There is nothing worse than a model bailing on a photoshoot.


Keep an eye out for a theme in the model’s portfolio. Maybe some of the photos or “theme” resonate with your vision. If you are doing a high fashion shoot and they have a lot of high fashion photos they might be a fit. You also won’t want a fitness model if you are doing an editorial type shoot. Maybe the model is too tall or thin for what you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to move on. This is your vision and you are the one casting the model. If you can cast a model who is inspired by the theme you are shooting, the results will be more of what you want. It is always easier to do what you enjoy when those involved are passionate and professional.


Finally, after choosing your model, it is time to reach out. Provide them with as many details as possible about the photoshoot. Let them know the theme, possible dates, other people who might be working with you both and any other crucial information. Make sure to discuss compensation. Sometimes the model expects to get paid, respect that. They are making a living just like you. Or, they may be open to doing a trade where you take photos for your portfolio and they get the photos to use for theirs. This demonstrates to the model you are prepared and serious. The model can then let you know their thoughts and also check their availability.


Share ideas with your potential model. It not only can be enjoyable, but you may come up with something awesome. Make the best out of your vision.


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Brianna Case
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