How To Approach Modeling Agencies

How To Approach Modeling Agencies

The number one Rule to remember is not only in just the modeling business but in any business, is to be on time is not to be late. Always arrive 30 mins early. It leaves not only a good impression, but it’s just professional. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and besides that, you just always want to be able to put your best foot forward.


Be the best version of yourself, and know that you’ll hear millions of No’s before you hear that one yes; and that’s okay. Within every experience is an outcome of growth. The more no’s you hear the closer you are to a yes, and never allow yourself to be easily discouraged. Every “ No “ you receive helps you to become a better version of yourself.

Your Portfolio is the first representation of you. Make sure it stands out. It is your visual resume. It represents you before anyone has the opportunity to actually meet you themselves. You would want to have looks that not only compliment your strengths, but your uniqueness, and it dares you to be different Don’t be scared to stand out. Only greats have the capability of doing such a thing.

To be in the modeling industry you have to develop what I would like to call “ thick skin “; that most aren’t prepared for. It doesn’t just come, sometimes it takes years and years of preparation. Not one successful person made it overnight without failing over and over again. Having doubts about themselves, fears of not being accepted, or even being their own worse critic. Through it all, it helps you to appreciate your successes much more when it comes.

Less is more. Humility looks good on any and everyone. Going to a “ go see, or casting, with tons of makeup on, like your getting ready for a club night, or with a dramatic look, I wouldn’t advise, unless you were instructed otherwise. Be natural, let your “ you “, show. Plain top. Crew neck or v- neck plunge ( whichever your preference may be, a Nice denim. Hair pulled back to complement your features. Stand straight, shoulders back,  hold your head high maintain your confidence And make sure your walk is fiercest in the room, and feel your way!

A Runway model to me has to be one of the most difficult models to be.  Remaining calm in front of a crowd, walking straight without tripping, when everyone is staring; and knowing how to walk in a shoe weather it fits or not. Let your arms hang at your sides and keep your hands relaxed. You also want to smile so you can seem like your approachable, and always remember to remain confident. Practice makes perfect. Practice walking around the house in a shoe.


Learn your angles, and what I mean by that is know which poses would best compliment you. Pose in the mirror, take selfies, and see what poses or facial expressions that best compliment your features as model. Turn your head slowly when it comes to taking selfies and make sure you include your shoulders.


“Wear the clothes don’t let your clothes wear you”,  meaning bring personality to each and every look and own it. Every piece makes a statement and it tells it’s own story. Personality is key, and nervousness is good. Sometimes It helps, and always remember to Keep your Energy positive no matter what. Your energy speaks before you do.


Every experience is a learning experience, use your experiences for growth. It speaks volumes when you fail or succeed and are able to apply what you’ve learned to make yourself a better version of you. It wouldn’t matter if you were wearing a trash bag or a Balmain garment, Bring yourself to the fabric. Make it a piece of your skin.



Remember to Dare to be different, and don’t be afraid to embrace your uniqueness, and not to compare yourself to anyone but the person that you were the day before. In the modeling industry you can become so caught up in what everyone else is doing, or trying to keep up, forgetting your why, losing your uniqueness,  forgetting to stand out. It’s so many people that’s the same. Just live in your dopeness and remember to be great !


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