How to approach a modeling agency as a model to represent you

How to approach a modeling agency as a model to represent you



It’s time, you have been modeling for a while and know this is your calling. Nothing says “you” more than getting in front of the camera or walking down a runway and showing the world what you’ve got. The next step for you is to find an agency that can represent you and your passion.

A modeling agency is there to represent a model and help him/her find jobs. They are experts in the industry. Each agency is alike and different in many ways. The key is to find one who speaks to you the most. It is important to choose an agency that is there to help you and not just themselves.

Start by conducting research. Get to know the three “W’s” of the modeling agency. Who they are, what their goal is for the agency and those who work for it, and where they are located. Believe it or not, location is very important. An agency doesn’t want a model who has to travel very far, especially for a last-minutecasting—unless you are willing to move. Find an agency within two hours from you. The closer the better. It helps build trust because they know you will be there when they need you. Also, make sure to understand how professional the agency environment is and ask necessary questions regarding it.

Next, match the agency to your goals. Know what type of model you want to be and how often you want to work. It will help you narrow down your search. Reviewing the submission guidelines will prepare you accordingly.

Once the search is narrowed down you can now move forward with applying/attending open calls.

When it comes to applying, the agency wants to know basic information about you. For example- age, what you look like, your height, stats (for women, bust/waist/hips, for men, suit jacket, and waist size) and where you live/contact information. Include eye and hair color, dress and shoe sizes as well. Add any experience you have in modeling, but make sure to keep it short. Overwriting could bore them. You want to get to the point. If they want more information, they will ask.

Then, choose the best photos to submit. Make sure they are updated and everything is the same about you (hair color, weight, etc). Choose photos that meet the model agency’s style. For example, if they specialize in glamour, submit glamour-type photos. Never submit unprofessional photos. Agencies don’t want to see your favorite selfie. A website of the model agency or social media can help you see what they are about and what they like. You can also call the agency to ask questions. Remember, the photos you submit are marketing you.

Submission time- some agencies will have you just apply via email or mail and won’t accept walk-ins. This can be more challenging because they can’t physically see you and you can’t interact with them face-to-face. If you choose to submit to an agency this way there are some things to keep in mind. Include your basic information as stated before and your photos. Make sure to include a return address and phone number. Not many requests for email submissions, but if the one you are applying to does, keep your email simple and avoid a ton of links or attachments. Embed photos in the message and make sure the files aren’t too large or too small.

Most agencies do castings where you can go there and meet the agent in person. When you have an appointment, it is good to arrive on time. Nothing is more unprofessional than to be late. Also, arrive alone. There is limited space so it would be unnecessary bringing someone with you who isn’t there for the casting. Carry a pen and paper to take notes. It also helps to have a list of questions before you go in. Asking questions gives you a better understanding of the agency and shows them you care. It is good to follow-up after with the agent and to ask anything you may have forgotten.

When it comes to approaching a modeling agency as a model the most important thing to remember is to be you. Show them who you are and why you want them to represent you. Don’t forget why you chose the agency in the first place.


Submitted by Brianna Case