Glossary of the most common fashion Makeup techniques.

Glossary of the most common fashion Makeup techniques.

Since the days of Black and White films Makeup Artists have developed tricks and techniques to enhance the beauty of the face they are working on. These techniques have filtered in to everyday life, so I have complied a glossary of the most use fashion makeup techniques.

1 STIPPLING. Is a method used when applying foundation with a duo fibre foundation brush. The foundation is applied by dabbing the ends of the brush onto the face leaving little dots of foundation on the skin, which can be then be blended once the brush is empty of foundation.

2 SETTING. This refers to how we set our makeup looks to help it last all day.There are 2 methods I like to use, the first method is to apply a light powder over your primer before applying the foundation and then powder the foundation again. The second method is to use a setting spray combined with a moisturiser at regular intervals. So after applying the foundation, then after doing your eyes, and finally when you have finished your makeup, This hydrates the skin allowing the foundation to set into the skin giving a longer wear time.

3 BLENDING. is when you blend shades of dark and light together to appear as one giving a natural look as when contouring. Normally with a beauty blender you can also use a foundation brush to blend shades as well.

4 HIGHLIGHTING. When a makeup artist uses a lighter colour foundation, concealer, or even a powder to bring out a certain part of the Face, e.g. under the eyes and on the cheekbones. Lighter shades will lift the area of the face/body you are working on.

5 SHADING. Is the use of a darker product again as with highlighting, using either a foundation, concealer or powder to deepen/slim certain parts of the body, such as the cheekbones or collar bones. Darker colours will give depth producing a slimmer appearance, so it is perfect for strengthening a jawline and hiding a double chin.

6 CONTOURING. Also known as Chocolate Barring, is the technique combining both highlighting and shading. When used correctly it can change the appearance of a person’s face.

7 STROBING. This is the placement of a shimmer highlight to replicate where the sun would hit the face, e.g. just above the eyebrow and along the nose.

8 BAKING/SANDBAGGING. This is the use of translucent powder under the eyes, cheekbones and chin, left for ten minutes, and then pressed into the skin to set it into the foundation to give brightness to these areas. Originating with Drag Queens,but is now popular with Instagram makeup.

9 TIGHTLINE. This is one of my favourites. The use of eyeshadow along the waterline of the eye and blending through the lashes. This gives length to the eyelashes and a natural definition to the eye, thus enhancing the eye.

10 LAYERING OF EYELINER. This is when we layer different liners, starting with tightline, then the use of a brown eyeliner and smudged out, then a black khol and blended again, and finally, a liquid liner to finish.

11 CUT CREASE. This is another technique from the world of Drag. This is where we emphasize the crease of the eye by cutting across it with a contrasting colour.

12 OVERLINE. Basically this is as the name states, lining your lips just outside of the lip line itself with a slightly darker lip liner than your natural lip colour. Then you can apply your lipstick to give a fuller shape to your lips. This technique looks better when using matt lipstick as a gloss will show off the edge of your natural lip line.

13 ROOT STAMPING. This is where you cut off the brush from your mascara wand and use the stump to press the mascara into the root of your upper eyelash, dragging the mascara through the lash. You could also do this with a gel eyeliner. I like to apply one coat of mascara with a brush before I root stamp.

14 EYELID TAPING.A popular technique with Asian ladies as it enhances their eyes. You take a sliver of double-sided surgical tape, placing it on the eyelid to create a stronger fold in the crease. This gives your eye a much bigger and wider look. Eyelid taping is also a brilliant technique to use on hooded eyes to lift the eye to appear bigger and wider.

15 MULTI MASKING. This is when we use multiple parts of a face mask, e.g. moisture on the Tsection and collagen on the chin, cheeks and neck
Written by Kerrie Jane Bailey Freelance Hair and Makeup Artist.
Insta @kerriejanebaileymakeup


Banner Image Photographed by Benjamin Vnuk