Tales of Brokpa

Fashion Editorial Submission

Fashion Editorial Submission Tales of Brokpa captured by fashion photographer Madishetty Manasa   for Flawless Magazine. Label: MadSamTinZin ,Model: Rodali Dutta  and Accessories: MadSamTinZin.  Editorial Story:

Tales of Brok-Pa

Nestled in the desolate winding mountain roads of Ladakh, survives a close knit tribe, popularly known as Brok-pas (mountain-dwellers). They claim to be the last of the pure Aryan race.
Their mystical story which traces their genetic history to the Alexander’s lost army, the amalgamation of their Greek influence and innate tribal essence, inspires our next Spring-summer line.
Eminence of the Greek drapes infused with surface ornamentation, to replicate the texture details of Brokpa fabrics, is the quintessence of this collection. This is further enhanced by layering and exploiting their love for silver jewellery.

About MadSamTinZin: MadSamTinZin is a narrative of four creative minds, who cater to the needs
of the latter day women while staying true to their individualistic sense of style.
Madhuritu, Saumya, Tina and Stanzin; namely MadSamTinZin; is a promise of four college friends, each hailing from different parts of India,to flatter every kind of women with their designs!
Each of the designers, are distinctly opinionated,with varied interests. Hence, they bring forth an array of ideas , that resonate with the well traveled and confident women of today. Their understated yet quirky sense of aesthetics, clearly reflects in the product.
Inspired by intricate age old techniques like Chikankari, there is an uncompromising attitude towards workmanship which ensures that every bit of surface ornamentation is beautifully and intelligently hand crafted, in the most complementing silhouettes.
Each garment is a labour of love, by the entire team, that meticulously brings together a collection of new patterns and embellishments to reflect the free spirit ethos of the brand.