Fashion Editorial India Street Fashion – captured by Gurgaon fashion photographer Sonali Singh for Flawless Magazine .

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Fashion Editorial India Street Fashion – captured by Gurgaon fashion photographer Sonali Singh for Flawless Magazine . Styling courtesy of Fashion Designer & Stylist Anupamaa.

Editorial & Film Story:
My photographs are an amalgamation of the streets of Delhi’s (India) most fashionable market with the work of one of India’s finest Fashion Designers.Being an Indian nationality , it would sadden me that my country was often portrayed as a poverty struck,third world country whereas in reality we have a rich and varied textile heritage with an outstanding talent pool of designers; bring a mix of regional fashion with a modern twist.Indian fashion is slowly making it mark in the world ranging from the Hollywood red carpet to the Cannes Festival.My photographs speak of this story- the India that I perceive.
Tell the world about your creative journey. :
“My name is Sonali Singh and I am an Indian. I live in Delhi , the capital of India .I am a professionally qualified interior designer and have been designing residences and restaurants for over 16 years. Two years back I turned forty and decided to reinvent myself ,to live my dreams and aspirations. Coming from a typical Indian family ,where at 40 a women is expected to not make too many changes to her well settled marriage and career and follow the “safe and defined” route , it was met with some opposition.Photography had always been a hobby i was passionate about and as most women I loved fashion and understood the nuances of fashion. My added advantage was since I worked with paints, fabrics and wallpapers – I had a better understanding of colours and backgrounds.Being in the interior profession I also understood the thin line between “doing it right “and “overdoing ” a room or a frame in this case. Armed with all this I stepped into this world of fashion photography with plenty of encouragement from my female friends. I thank them profusely.”

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