Flying Free Behind a Rockwell Mask

Fashion Editorial Flying Free Behind a Rockwell Mask – captured by Colorado Springs fashion photographer Jonny Edward   for Flawless Magazine. Designer:
William Rockwell (Rockwell Masks) Models: Kaleesi Marie,Kelsey Rose Siegfried & Santana Padilla.
Editorial & Film Story:
This is a story of freedom. As an artist and designer, I feel no more free than when I am working on a piece or design. It is an almost magical experience to get lost in the work and have a medium to express my thoughts my feelings and ideas. To be able to just lose yourself and go for it. To take a risk and create something that is first for me, then for others. That is freedom to me. This feeling is what I strive to empower others with when they wear one of my mask designs. This is a feeling I hope to convey to others through this editorial.

When you wear a mask, you can instantly become more free to be yourself. This is especially true when others don’t know that it is you behind the mask. We all wear masks that hide who we really are, our inner demons and secrets, our personal embarrassments, and even our dreams and aspirations out of fear for what another might think or how they might react. When you wear a Rockwell mask, the hope is that you can take off your other metaphorical masks, and just be you. The you that no one else gets to see. The you that you hide away in a drawer hoping no one will see. For it is this you that is most beautiful and precious.

The second element displaying freedom is the freedom of flight. I can think of no more free an animal than the bird. Many birds have the freedom to be where they want, when they want. They can walk or hop to a location nearby, fly to a location many miles away, or in some cases even swim. No plane tickets, no need for gas. No need to let an employer know or get schedules in order. A bird doesn’t have to worry about these things. So I present to you a variety of bird-based designs.

If a wearer of a Rockwell mask can even feel a fraction of the freedom that a bird gets to experience, it is a great success for me.