Golden Eye

Beauty Editorial Submission Golden Eye – captured by fashion photographer Petro Tiahur for Flawless Magazine.

Beauty Editorial Submission

Beauty Editorial Submission Golden Eye – captured by fashion photographer Petro Tiahur for Flawless Magazine. Hair styling and make-up by Michelle Parezanovic.

Credits to Mac Cosmetics, Melt Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Morphe Cosmetics, Sigma Beauty, Makeup Geek Cosmetics, LimeCrime Cosmetics, Mehron, CoverGirl and iWataMeda Airbrush Machine.

Editorial Story:”I don’t really have a story for this trio of images. I get inspired by many different styles of art, pop art, abstract, vortex and drip art. Fashion is a big inspiration to me as well. Anything grunge, punk, alternative or goth I love. I felt like I needed to express all sides of my creativity. Day, evening and avant garde. This collection was originally for Canadian Makeup of the year but I did not make it to the semi final round. I feel like these photos need to be seem my people other then my friends and family. I put my blood sweat and tears into my work and I refuse to go unnoticed.”
Tell the world about your creative journey. :
“I have been a M.A.C MUA for 4 years, a freelance artist for almost 9 years and a hairstylist for 3 years. The beauty industry has always been something that I am very passionate about and take very seriously. I started doing makeup when I was 10 years old. I’d watch my mom in the bathroom put her face on and couldn’t wait till I was old enough to be able to do mine. I took that fascination and turned it into a career. I could never imagine doing anything else with my life. I am always looking for a new creative way to express myself as an artist. I recently was accepted into the Val Garland School of Makeup but had to drop out due to personal reasons. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make.Someone once told me “passion is most important. Be an artist first and a hairstylist/MUA second. Don’t compromise yourself or sell out. Climb the ladder and don’t lose hope when it’s taking forever. Cry when you need to: people with passion can’t help it. Remember to always be humble and learn from those who came before you. You will NEVER know it all so always keep learning even from those who you think can’t teach you anything. Most of all remember it’s not going to be easy. Ever. So know that you didn’t do this for the money or the recognition. Know that artists don’t live their art everyday because they want to or because they love it. They live it because they don’t have a choice. They live it because they ache without it. Dont expect anything back. Don’t expect recognition for your efforts. Don’t expect your genius to be discovered or your love to be understood. Create because you need to create.” This person is the reason why I do what I do.”