Anton Budenko

Anton Bundenko, is a collage artist, illustrator and photographer from Russia, who has in a very short time become an international name. This could be attributed not only to his incredible talent, but also to his use of social media, which he claims opened doors that may otherwise have remained shut. Anton uses mixed media to express his perception of the world around him. His collage work in particular is, according to him,’ representative of an overload of information and the huge amount of universal rubbish which is not visible in our every day, but which is there.’ This depth of meaning is not immediately visible in his fashion collages, but Bundenko considers fashion as being the source which gives him the space to use this particular medium.

Perhaps it is his willingness and ability to absorb the world and embody it in his visual art, illustrations and projects that enables him to so clearly transform these thoughts into his work. ‘ A reflection of present day reality and subjective understanding of the present day world’. Or, perhaps it is his belief that his work as a shot firer in the mountains of Russia, providing him with a strong foundation that’ enabled him to experience the many layers of society.’ It may simply, just be a result of his un- ending, ever evolving talent, that has led him into a collaboration with Zara, an Italian Label, and starting his own collection.

Most probably however, it is all of these things, combined with his commitment not to limit himself as an artist. Striving always for sincerity in his work, Bundenko shows a willingness to use experimental types of printing and combinations such as serigraphy, acid printing and de coupage. This has not only gained him recognition with magazines, fashion brands or other artists but has also brought him to the attention of the Ostingallery in Antwerp. Having recently moved to Moscow, to pursue his art career full time, and with his desire to travel more while continuing to expand and evolve even more as an artist. It would seem that this is an exciting time for Anton Bundenko, and for those of us who wait in anticipation to see what he will do next.

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