A Look Into The Future: What will the freelance makeup industry look like in10 years?

A Look Into The Future: What will the freelance makeup industry look like in10 years?

By Kristina Sarah Persichini


Over ten years ago I picked up a makeup brush (graduating from “that”sponge tip applicator) and began my freelance makeup career. My phone didn’t have a camera and my portfolio was a “book” (hardcopy). A lot has changed since learning colour theory and cosmetic chemistry. The industry has evolved, and it will continue to. So what will the next ten years bring? I can only speculate.


It is expected that the following ten years will see continued growth, in what some already call an oversaturated industry. From changing trends, technological advancements and cosmetic product developments, the freelance makeup industry will undoubtedly change. The rise of the beauty influencer, blogger andyoutuber will continue to change and heighten the awareness and expectation of clients. Developing a way we, as makeup artists, can combine all these elements to create a positive freelance industry, I believe will be the challenge of the next decade.


Challenge isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means we must also grow and develop as the industry does. Trends will change and product technology will advance, as they always have, expectedly at a faster rate. The need to stay relevant and aware will be ever increasingly important to ensure we are capable of moving with these shifts.Certification and continued education will become vital to stand out from the growing pool of freelance makeup artists. The understanding and influence of legislation, and the future hope of tighter regulationsin areas where little exist, will aid in the positive growth of this industry.


We now live in a smartphone world and technological advancements will undoubtedly continue. We must stay informed. We must move and grow as these advancements do – or risk getting left behind.The list of social media platforms continues to grow. Social media is now a must have, a ‘non-negotiable’. Sharing our portfolio of work will be just as important as ever, however image and information sharing platforms are sure to change. Obviously unable to be predicted, it can be assumed we will be introduced and influenced by new or further developed social media platforms, requiring a whole new repertoire of knowledge.


As the social media effect on freelance makeup artist grows, we cannot disregard the importance of sociability. Sociability is a huge component of developing and maintaining your freelance business. As important as our online presence and interaction is and will continue to be, we must ensure we can still maintain a personal connection. For a competitive edge in the future, we will need to be well-rounded and well-versed in both online interaction and personal interactions. That fundamental element of building a relationship with a client has always been and will continue to be the biggest tool in our arsenal.


Clients are in tune with the industry now, more than ever. So familiar with seeing our work at the click of a button – the expectation of this ease of accessibilityis sure to continue. Instant gratification is now an expectation and as clients become accustomed to the immediacy of comment and response, we will need to implement ways of ensuring this satisfaction in our freelance business structure. Professionalism, credibility and flexibility will continue to be important business attributes to ensure continued client engagement and satisfaction. Determination and dedication to both the artistry and business needs to be employed to ensure our industry produces artists with expertise and knowledge.


Creativity is the element that draws most individuals to this industry. Most makeup artists would agree that it is an art form. Creativity is and always will be a necessity in the skill set of a makeup artist. Inspiration comes from all places and as the world grows and history is created we will take inspiration from both old and new. It will continue to be exciting and illuminatingto watch new ideas flourish and artists push boundaries.


So, don’t shy away from the challenges and changes to come. Develop and maintain a pace with a solid foundation that allows room from growth. Find your niche. That element that makes you, uniquely you. Instead of focusing on what makes you “good”instead consider what makes you “different’.Nurture your art form.



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