A day in the life of Tamara Williams

Tell us a day in the life of Tamara Williams?

Crazy! I get up at 6am – ish, check my mails, my Instagram, and my agency account to see what s going on. Instagram is a huge thing to me nowadays and is super hectic! I get like 100 DM’s a day and I really try to keep up and try to answer but I can’t keep up. Instagram literally consumes 60% of my day. So after I did all did and I tried to sort out at least the latest 100 DM’s, it’s already something round 9-ish. I start to answer my emails and I have a look on my handwritten to-do list. I am pretty much a big fan of structure, a to do list is a MUST HAVE, for me! I have a look what’s on it and whatever needs to be done first gets done. By that time it mostly already is 2pm, by that time I also already need to decide what I’m uploading on Instagram, in Between it’s a lot phone calls with agencies and clients and also making sure my latest shot images are getting done ASAP. So what happens next is that I try to meet the deadline to get the chosen image for Instagram all ready until 6pm. And that’s where I kind of start reaching out to my NYC and LA clients and agencies, by roundabout 8pm I am sending my last mails and I’m answering some of the probably 1000 DM’s I still do have on my Instagram. And that’s how my typical day ends, when I’m not shooting. I mostly am shooting when I’m on stay in other countries, pretty seldom shooting in Germany.

Growing up did you know you wanted to be a photographer, if so who were you influenced by?

Photography or creative things like drawing, where you could express yourself were always a really big hobby of mine! I always wanted to do something creative, but ended up applying for training as a bank clerk. Yeah, pretty funny right? Most people don’t know that I’m a learned bank clerk. And I am really happy that I did finish the training even though I really hated it but I never was a person to stop doing things, I’d rather push through the hard times to achieve something to be proud of myself after. So yeah, I kind of always knew that Photography was my passion but honestly, even nowadays, I kind of need to punch myself sometimes, that this is not a dream, because it truly was a dream becoming reality. I pretty much have never been influenced by any photographer, I was never one of those people who was looking at some photography and has been thinking ‚wow I want to be as good as this person‘ I always tried it myself and really liked it so the other day, when my dad told me ( I was 16 back then) either to sell the camera or to do something with it, I eventually found out that I really liked taking pictures of other people, I know it really sounds odd but this is how it all started, with the decision not to sell my camera because I wouldn’t get as much as it was worth , and a Facebook post ‚who wants to shoot?‘ btw there you go with the very first pictures I EVER took of someone else


What interesting projects have you worked on recently or about to work on?

I am always working on new projects but I keep them save in my pocket until I’ll show it on my Instagram 🙂

Provide us some illustrations of how your work have transformed over the years?

People usually just see the final product-But behind the scenes things can go wrong and take longer than expected –How do you deal with the stress of time management or something going wrong during a big shoot.

Actually, I never had such struggles. I am a pretty well planned person, I always have a backup plan, to play it safe and I am suuuuuuuper fast shooting. If I wanted to I could shoot 5 Makeup looks in 2-3 Hours and make it look fab! BUT of course, stress can happen due to certain circumstances, I kind of am a person who likes to push trough, just to stay professional and to get things done in Time. I actually NEVER needed to overpay or extend a shooting I am always in time or even faster.

There’s no overnight successs. “Tamara you are a big joke , and you will always be. Everybody laughs about you, please do yourself a favor and stop posting all that bullshit, nobody wants to see it anyways!”From the beginning of my career nobody believed in me, especially my family. All they had to say about photography was; Tamara just quit that hobby and focus on your bankcareer!I was literally going through so much bullshit &a lot of people do not know about that, are thinking that even my parents paid for everything: my travels , my gear,which is the biggest bullshit. Why are people like that? Why is it satisfying to some people to hurt others, on their personal way to happiness? I was crying, that day a magazine reached out to me, and they asked me to have a big interview with them. But nothing really happened , people barely said something about it.it was probably that day I realized , no matter how good&successful I would be , there will always be people who won’t support you.Back then I was doing the biggest mistake , I did things to impress others. Since that day , I couldn’t care less about what people think or talk about me. I tried to have the biggest focus one could have to archive the goals I was working towards! I was done putting in any effort in anything that made me feel bad. I decided for myself to only focus on my story , not to think about other photographers. I was busy developing myself, working on my own person. Here I am.There is no shortcut, there is no secret behind any successstory.But there will be nights without sleep, being hungry,your bank account being in huge red numbers, uncomfortable situations you need to push trough, days you would rather not talk to anybody cause you are questioning your abilities.But guess what: Cimpare those 2 images from 2011 and 2017. Pain makes you grow! Fall 6 Times, get up 7! Do not stay on the ground ! Just do it for yourself! FOR YOURSELF! Ask yourself, where do u want to see yourself in 6 years, when you’re looking back.Do you wanna have the same improvement? IF YOU GOT A DREAM, YOU GOTTA PROTECT IT! IF PEOPLE CAN’T DO SOMETHING THEMSELVES THEY WANNA TELL YOU YOU CAN’T! IF YOU WANT SOMETHING

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You have crazy amount of great portrait – What would you say is your favourite shoot you have done and why? What was your main inspiration in that shoot?

Well first of all, thank you for that compliment! I think I’d say I really don’t have a favourite shoot because I put all my passion in all of my shots, which , hopefully one can see! But if I’d need to choose it’d. Probably be the latest shooting I did with one of my very good friends Nicole Meyer, she is so stunning and I just admire her beauty!

If you could make anything where budgets, resources or time is not an obstacle, what would it be?

I like to really keep it simple, so I really don’t know a lot about big things , also because I do shoot beauty I mostly don’t even need a studio so I’d rather take the money and take my team out to an amazing dinner after the shooting than spending it on some big nonsense I don’t really need 😛

Where do you normally source models from?

I source them from Model agencies only.

Professional photographers have procedures in place to ensure their pictures are not mediocre this might include a team of people working towards your shoot; discuss in depth the manpower involved when it comes to organising a big shoot. And Lessons learned from the past or advice you’ve received.

Honestly, a lot of people thing that my images are shot in big ass studios and there’s a team with like 10-People involved but the truth is: I’m shooting all of my images in my apartments, with one flash light only most of the time. Also, I am the only one who’s working towards a shoot. I barely do mood boards, I like to create what’s there and kind of go with the flow not every modes suits to every concept, sometimes u got to improvise and follow your instinct and aesthetics, to achieve the right product. I think, actually, why people like my work, is exactly because, they have never seen such thing, because, fun fact, even I didn’t see it somewhere before I shot it ( I mean yeah everybody has seen red lips…) but I mean, the mood, the posing, the makeup.. It’s all a process while shooting. but for beginners, I’d highly suggest to get some mood boards and ideas, also because the team wants to know what’s going on, my team mostly is like ‚Tamara whatever, you will make it look beautiful anyways‘

What separate you from other photographers?

I’d probably say my knowledge about finances and the fact that I’m the craziest perfectionist you will ever meet. also I’m kind of a workaholic , style or work wise, I’s also say, the biggest difference would be: I’m the twerking photographer who always has a blast with the girls while shooting ( and dancing along to all the rob and hip-hop-beats)

You recently started a YouTube Channel can you give us more details about this please?

Yeah I just did that! I get so may DM’s that I decided to start a YT channel to probably answer the most frequent asked questions, like what is your equipment, where do you work, who do your with, what is your life like, where do you find such models… and so On so if you’re interested in that you should definitely come along and give me a follow, a lot new things to come soon! :-