7 Tips To Secure More Sponsorship Deals With Jewellery & Fashion Brands

7 Tips To Secure More Sponsorship Deals With Jewellery & Fashion Brands

Whether you are a micro-influencer, celebrity, blogger, vlogger or social media influencer, finding the right kind of paid sponsorship deals is a competitive business! Securing a lucrative brand collaboration is much the same as looking for a new job. You need to know your USP’s as an influencer and know what brands are looking for. So here are our top tips to help you stand out from the crowd…

  1. It’s all about strong visuals

Before you start approaching brands, you need to make sure that your social channels and blog are looking visually on-point, because eye-catching photographs are essential to any successful brand collaboration. 

For fashion brand sponsorships this usually means full length outfit photos, whereas jewellery is more suited to close up selfie-style images. Be sure to choose your location carefully as you want your imagery to be inspirational and luxurious. Great fashion photography gives a glimpse of an aspirational lifestyle but be careful to not over style your images. 

If you are using props, try keeping them to a minimum and keep your imagery clear and concise. You want your outfit or jewellery to be the star, so be sure to keep your photos simple and avoid unnecessary visual distractions.

Be patient, if your jewellery selfies are looking a bit flat and uninteresting, try breaking up the light with a palm frond or plant or by using objects to create shadows. This will add texture and detail and instantly elevate your masterpiece!

Outdoors or light open spaces work best for both fashion and jewellery shoots so check the weather forecast and schedule your shoots for sunny days. We particularly love the warmth and colour of early evening sunlight, which is soft, flattering and will literally make your skin glow!

  1. Get a media kit

When you approach a brand, it is important to have a media kit to ensure that you are taken seriously as an influencer. Your media kit should be clear and transparent and should include your reach, details of your audience demographics, past collaborations and previous clients. Think of your media kit like your CV.  You can create a media kit here. 

  1. Up your engagement game

When it comes to engagement, it is all about quality and not quantity. If you have a relatively modest following of thousands or tens of thousands, it is important to get to know your audience and tailor your content accordingly. Having a smaller following allows you to bond with your audience more often, hence micro-influencers typically have a better engagement rate than a celebrity with millions of followers.

At Muru Jewellery we are increasingly looking to collaborate with influencers that have a high engagement rather than reach because their message is more authentic and they have a much closer relationship with their audience.   

  1. Find potential brands

So now you’ve curated your blog and Instagram feed it is time to start making a list of potential brands that you would like to work with. Now it can be dangerous promoting brands or products that you have never experienced or heard of (Fyre Festival anyone?) so be careful who you approach. 

To keep your engagement high it is vital that you only promote products that are worth promoting and that you think your audience will love. Your followers will love discovering something new so try visiting fashion events like Fashion Week to find up and coming brands that are not yet well known. 

Instagram is also a great place to find smaller brands looking to collaborate, so try searching the hashtags #ad #sponsored #partner.

  1. Check their Instagram feeds

Once you’ve found some potential brands to collaborate with, be sure to study their social media channels for content that has proved successful previously. Most brands tend to prefer light colours for their feeds but don’t be afraid to get creative with your content. 

For the best results try content that features yellow or light blue as the dominant colour. Yellow is scientifically proven to grab your attention when scrolling and posts with blue as the dominant colour typically receive 20% more likes!

  1. Embrace video!

When it comes to social media, video is the future! Whether it’s on your stories, Insta TV or YouTube, brands are increasingly turning to video content to engage their viewers. Brands love video because viewers typically remember 95% of the message and content compared to just 10% for traditional images and words.

So polish up on your presenting skills and embrace video… just remember to keep it short and snappy because videos under 2 minutes are best for engagement.

  1. The start of a beautiful relationship? 

The key to securing successful paid for sponsorship is to keep your message genuine and be true to yourself and your audience. Ultimately, companies are investing in you as a person to be a spokesperson and ambassador for their brand, so always keep your message personal and sincere.

Your first collaboration with a brand needn’t be your last, because brands will always be drawn to genuine engaging content. So remember great content means great engagement which in turn will lead to great long-lasting relationships with some of your favourite brands!