10 sites to help you become an expert in makeup artistry

10 sites to help you become an expert in makeup artistry
By Monique Ringeri

With an ever changing and face past industry, it can be hard for a makeup artist to keep up to date within the industry let alone become an expert. Makeup artistry is more than just hands on skill, a lot of hard work is in research, networking and keeping up to date with trends and products.

For those wondering where to go for the most current industry related news and how to keep up to date, I have complied a list of the most in demand sites where makeup artists can find all the information to perfect their knowledge and skill to help them become an expert in makeup artistry.

With over 1.5 million visitors per month, Models.com is the number one go to website with endless amounts of fashion news which can leave you in awe. This influential news site and creative resource has an extensive database of the fashion industry. Models.com highlights upcoming and in demand models, the creative stars of the industry through interviews, blogs, images and profiles of people behind the scenes. Through endless scrolling, you will discover the latest editorials with names of the creatives who were involved, find out what is trending around the world, the latest fashion articles and top agencies worldwide.

‘The who’s doing what in advertising, editorial and events’. Le Book has been a major influencing site for beauty, design, publishing, entertainment and advertising industries. This one stop site displays the work of photographers, designers and illustrators as well as listing the top influencers and upcoming events.

Fashionising.com is a trend reporter on the world’s best fashion trends and styles from the runway and fashion shows as well as the streets of the world’s most stylish cities and through different articles, there is explanations of the trends and inspirations on how you can recreate them.

Kavyar is a network for creatives in fashion, beauty and art. Kavyar helps magazines take submissions and provides a list of magazines who are open for submissions. As an artist you can create a profile showcasing your latest and greatest work. Submitting work to magazines through Kavyar is a great way for exposure and helps form a network through the Kavyar community. By crediting collaborators and showing your love for other artists is a great way to help you get featured.

Vogue is probably the one of the most well known and recognised channel of trend setting. Through print, web and social media, Vogue has the power to influence many aspects of our lives from the way we dress to how we socialize to what makeup products we use. Through Vogue Beauty, we can read the latest blogs on the major fashion labels from around the world, pick up new makeup products or tips, find out what is trending around the world and view videos of celebrities and trends.

WGSN is a trend forecasting, analytics and design tool to help you as an artist to make more confident decisions. There are endless amounts of articles, blogs and images on the latest trends from around the world but WGSN also predicts up and coming trends in fashion, makeup, next season colours and textures. WGSN has amazing content but the downfall is the pricey subscription costs.

The Pantone name is known worldwide as the leading color communication for all people within the industry from the designer, to manufacturer to retail customer. Each year, Pantone releases the ‘color of the year’ which designers and artists incorporate into their designs.

The impression offers the latest fashion news, profiles of leading creatives, ad campaign reviews and fashion films. The impression is one of the leading resources for covering fashion runway from front of house to backstage.

Social media eg Instagram, Facebook
Social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook are used by most makeup artist experts in the industry to showcase their portfolio, network with other industry professionals or clients and to keep up to date with new trends. The world of social media has developed over the years into a tool that brings in more work and allows you opportunity to reach a larger audience worldwide.

The above 10 websites are fantastic for a makeup artist to excel in their field and to really understand the industry. This is essential for a makeup artist to allow them to grow their knowledge and skills which will then lead them to happy clients and therefore become an expert in makeup artistry.