10 Great Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram

10 Great Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram

Ever discovered a make-up artist on social media and suddenly your life wasn’t the same anymore?
Multiply that by the 10 great make-up artists! Check their amazing profiles to find out about new trends, products and most of all to have your mind blown:

1. Pat McGrath – @patmcgrathreal
is considered one of make-up Gods with a whooping 1.9 Mil followers will spoil you with posts about the make-up she does for the likes of Nikki Minaj, Naomi Campbell, Selena Gomez among a myriad of other stars.
Safe to say she is an institution in the fashion industry.
You will not get bored, in fact you might just fall in love with her backstage photos and make-up products from her own line.

2. ROSHAR @Rosharofficial
125 k followers
One of the legendary and most influential make-up artists on the planet, Roshar coined the term unconventional make-up. His style is easily recognizable: flawless skin, strong or pastel colours and mindblowing face/hair accessories – all aimed at converting a beautiful model into an art statement. He gives inside info about his worldwide travels and all the make-up looks he designs. It’s safe to call him an iconic make-up artist.

3. Violette @Violette_fr
220 k followers
Violette is Global Beauty Director for Este Lauder and has a very popular Youtube channel. Native Parisian make-up artist, Violette has that ”je ne sais quoi” that is instantly appealing . Living in New York hasn’t cast a shadow on the chic french vibes as you will discover in her posts. If you are fascinated by natural beauty with a touch of glam, a bit of romance and seduction Violette is your best choice.

4. Isamaya Ffrench @isamayaffrench
140 k followers
Or as she calls herself Beauty Exec – she is way beyond just a make-up artist and expands her area of expertise by directing her work. Among her lucky clients we can list Bjork, Rossy de Palma, Marylin Manson, Rihanna, Stella McCartney just to name a few. She does know how to engage an audience an to create one thrilling feed that will feed your addiction to make-up.

Golden era oldie. Portrait of me shot by @joshwilkz 2015

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5. Ryan Burke @ryburk
149 k followers
He is one of the most whimsical and visually appealing make-up artist – of course his talent did get noticed since he is part of Pat Mcgrath’s team. His IG offers a unique perspective on transformative make-up, also incorporating drag techniques but not limited to that. He explores all kinds of looks and scrolling down his feed turns out to be a thrilling adventure for beauty lovers all around the world.

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6. Lisa Eldridge @lisaeldrige
899 k followers
Make -up artist is an avid lover of cats and all feminine and refined things, Lisa does not disappoint. Upon entering her magical world you will get pampered with ‘how to’ vids, backstage beauty photos and glamorous makeovers. She is the global creative director of Lancome, author, educator and a living legend in make-up. That being said, I will now leave you alone so you can enjoy her fab posts.

7. Nikki_makeup
333 k followers (and counting)
She is first and foremost indeed a skin queen. International make-up artist and Becca Cosmetics Ambassador is your go-to make-up guru when it comes to flawless make-up. She is super friendly, gorgeous and fascinating. She does share her secrets and has fun doing it. Be ready to change your hair routine while we’re at it. She only recommends the best stuff on the market. Her feed is also rich in hot tutorials, ooh wee!

8. Denis Kartashev @deniskartashev
122 k followers
Eclectic style, glimpses into one of the top russian make-up artists who travels worldwide for make-up masterclasses and has his own academy in Moskow. Expect to find stunning photos on his IG account – he may just as well be one of the best russian make-up artists out there. His untamed spirit shines through and you will be left gasping and obsessively double-tapping each photo on his feed.

9. Toni Malt @tonimaltmakeup
24.9 k followers
Ever found yourself staring at Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar or Marie Clarie covers wondering how make-up can get that amazing? Chances are you are already familiar with Toni’s work then.
With over a decade experience in in the fashion industry she can list Chanel, Ferrari, Gucci among her clients. She is not only a highly regarded and awarded make-up artist but also the author of the book Transform 1 Model – 60 looks which is of course, a best-seller.
This is her way of sharing her knowledge with the younger generation of make-up artists and inspiring them to exceed their creative limits by emerging themselves in the creative process.

10. Alex Box @thealexbox
176 k followers
She is one of the original/iconic/legendary visual artists conveing her passion for colour, shape and texture into a meaningful and highly regarded make-up artist career.
A mentor, author, speaker, guide and ultimately a vissionaire she will only go with her artistic drive and her intuition.
Currently the beauty editor of Berlin’s King Kong magazine, acclaimed fashion & art magazine she is the artist to blend make-up, fashion and high-tech to create contemporary works of art. Her feed exudes individuality and power of expression and will leave you daydreaming.All this being said, what are you waiting for? Go check them ALL out and ENJOY getting inspired!

11. Nam Vo Glow @namvo
120 k followers
New York based make-up artist is apart from Instagram star a celebrity global artist for Shiseido, contributing Creative Director for ELLE Vietnam, and Creative Consultant for Birchbox. She’s generous with her followers she calls ‘#dewydumplings and always shares tips and tricks and favourite products like Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder in Indiscretion and Glossier bestsellers.Do check out her page if you ar looking for glam and natural looks that just beam with light.

Mellow yellow 🌈🥟🌈 #namvoglow #dewydumplings

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12. Einat Dan @einatdanofficial
Einat is well known for her ecclectic make-up looks that burst with creativity. She knows no limits when it comes to creating magic and her work will take you in so many different areas of beauty – from the dark side, glam looks to soft, delicate make-up fit for fairies. She is also a very talented body painter and has worked with brands like Vivienne Westwood, Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi. Moreover, you can also learn a lot from her businesswise – she has her own brush line and face accessories and travels teaching master-classes to professional make-up artists worldwide.


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