10 Fashion Photography tips

10 Fashion Photography tips

“Fashion photography gives the power to transform people’s dreams into realities…literally.” Here are 10 best tips for the fashion photography adorners everywhere!

1. “Prep for your equipment ahead of time”
I’ve been saying this for years; fashion photography is another level of photography and it calls for the best lighting. When shooting fashion, it’s important to see the garment and accessories. I always recommend using a softbox to produce the best lighting in order to have your photos magazine ready! Additionally, I love using a beauty dish for fashion glamour portraits because they highlight the best areas on the face such as the eyes.

2. “Use your imagination don’t, overthink it”
Fashion photography gives us the freedom to be highly creative, you can use basically anything in the universe for inspiration to bring your vision to life in photography. The cool thing about fashion photography is being able to capture the true essence of a designer’s vision using everything around you.

3. “Take advantage of the Golden Hours”
I love shooting fashion in a studio because you are in a controlled environment using artificial light, however, shooting fashion outdoors can bring another element to your photo shoot because it’s so much you can do with sunlight. The best times for me are early morning, between 6am and 10am, or during the evening between, 5pm and 7pm, in order to take advantage of the golden hour.

4. “Always have a plan C through Z”
Those first two ideas are fantastic but they may not work for that particular shoot. Having multiple backup plans is never a bad idea, you want to stay four steps ahead of everyone. Try to brainstorm different ideas with people from your creative team just in case the first plan fails.

5. “Location is everything”
In photography you have the ability to turn any location into a beautiful asset to your finished work; in fashion photography you can utilize the location and wardrobe to tie everything together. For example, take Helmut Newton’s 1975 photograph of Yves Saint Laurent’s “Le Smoking” for Vouge Paris, he managed to capture an iconic image of a model wearing a tuxedo while smoking a cigarette on a back street in Paris. He was able to capture the essence of the designer with the location serving as an amazing element to the now classic image.

6. “Work with a decent retoucher”
If you are not experienced in photoshop, it’s okay to seek out and work with a professional retoucher. They tend to give your work the extra boost it needs; your photos will look more professional, polished and uphold to industry standards. Retouchers pay attention to meticulous details that we cannot fix on camera (i.e. smoothing out the model’s skin or ironing the wrinkles out of a shirt).

7. “Research the brand beforehand”
Research is key. It is best to know the style and feel of the brand. When shooting, you want to be able to capture the essence of your client’s vision while also keeping your aesthetic and artistic touch. Research different silhouettes, styles, and even the history behind each garment as well as taking a look at what’s been done already.

8. “Make sure you’re on the same page with your team”
Hair, makeup, and styling go hand in hand with fashion photography, it’s always good to make sure you’re all on the same page. Working with them will help with all of the small details, from finding jewelry and shoes down doing makeup and hair to bring the final look to life. Mood boards are the best way to communicate your vision to your team as well. Assure everyone on set is comfortable and ready to work; if everyone is in a great space they will produce good work.

9. “Stay true to the fashion”
Remember your highlighting a work of art, fashion photography is the bridge between the influencer and the influenced.

10. “Always remember to have fun”
With fashion being so creative and liberating, and photography giving the power to capture moments, there is no reason why you should not be having fun, creating out of the box ideas. Be positive! Great energy will lead to a phenomenal shoot and even better experience (especially if you’re new). There is nothing more rewarding than receiving positive feedback from a client.
– Markel Serraj
Instagram: @markelserraj&@ksl_media

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Kasia Struss Photographed by Victor Demarchelier